1st Championship international Adessa Eyelashes extensions.

An expressive look says more than a thousand words.

The Championship is open to stylists of eyelashes, men and women of all nationalities who have at least 18 years of age as of October 31, 2017.

Participants may enroll in one or more of the categories, which are;

  • Classic (hair extensions hair).
  • Volume (up to 6 extensions by natural Eyelash).

Important dates

  • Date of opening of the registration: Saturday, July 15, 2017.
  • Deadline for submission of entries: Sunday, September 17, 2017.
  • Announcement of the winner to the most voted photo: 8 October 2017.
  • Announcement of finalists for live Championship: 8 October 2017.
  • Gala and awards ceremony: Friday, November 3, 2017.
1st Championship international Adessa


The participant must fill in the registration form online on the official website of the Championship, www.extensionesdepestañas.com before September 17, 2017.


The registration will be completed with the payment of €40 (Income in the current account: ES59 0049 4658 20 2916038038, with concept: Name and surnames, and CHAMPIONSHIP ADESSA.) and the shipping of 2 images of a single work from different angles:

  • 1 photo front with eyes open before and after the implementation of tabs.
  • 1 photo of profile with eyes open before and after the implementation of tabs.

Photographs must respect the criteria established by organizing members of the Championship (as set forth in annex).

Participants may participate in one or two categories of the previous online, with the condition that only participate in a category if they were selected for the live finals.

All participants will be presented with a tray (box) by Adessa Asian silk Eyelash extensions, valued at €27.36

Campeonato internacional pestañas

Selection process

The Championship is a voting contest ” MyLash” photographs.

There will be one winner will be chosen by the public, to the most voted photograph, among all participants and 9 finalists, chosen by the professional jury, which together with the winner chosen by the public to participate in the live final, which will be held in Salon Look friday, November 3, 2017, in Madrid.

The participants shall be subject to the online vote from July 15 to September 25, 2017.

The name of the winner of the Championship on line, as well as of the 9 finalists to participate live in the 1st Championship Adessa Eyelash extension, will be released the 7 of October 2017 website. www.extensionesdepestañas.com

The Organization will be contacted with the finalists to confirm attendance at the event.

However, the jury shall elect 5 reserves, those who are will tell you, in order to meet any possible non-attendance of any of the finalists.

Voting shall be made through different networks; a link that leads directly to the web page where the section officer of the competition is so that people vote their photo or selected photos will be published in them.

The winners will split in two modes, 5 participant of each, they will compete live.


Classic mode

  • Technique hair to hair.
  • Get a look as natural as possible.
  • 5 finalists for the live competition at Salon Look 2017.


Mode volume

  • Technical volume. Up to 6 extensions by natural eyelash.
  • Get a spectacular, clean and balanced volume.
  • 5 finalists for the live competition lounge Look 2017



The live competition.

The participants of the competition will be a sunset live tabs, in an only eye, within a time limit, in the category who participate, to a / model that the participant will necessarily bring.


Award for the best stylist of tabs by category
  • A trophy and a title to each winner by category.
  • A cheque for €1000.
  • A social networks with national broadcast advertising campaign.
  • Registration to the Championship of Germany, headquarters of Adessa Eyelash Extension.
Award participation to all the finalists live Championship.
  • Certificate of participation at the end of the 1st Championship of Adessa Eyelash extension.
  • An advertising campaign in social networks with national diffusion.
  • Diffusion in social networks at the national level.

All participants will be presented with a tray (box) by Adessa Asian silk Eyelash extensions, valued at €27.36

Primer campeonato internacional ADESSA


pestañas reglamento


The jury will be composed by members selected from among the most prominent / you stylists from European tabs, which will be selected and will choose the most meritorious candidate in each category.

What will be judged and how?

  1. “Addresses” ‐ tabs must not cross each other (in classical category), the flow must be uniform, ordered and is related to the chosen effect and style (the maximum score is 10 points);
  2. “Outside line” ‐ lengths are changed uniform and gradual way. The therapist is confident that working with layers. The outside line of lashes seems soft, there are no tabs out tabs line (the maximum score is 10 points);
  3. “Styling” ‐ the chosen style, length and curve should be in tune with; the shape of the eye, the face shape and bone structure and overall morphology of the / model. (the maximum score is 10 points);
  4. “Coverage”: 100% of the tabs should be covered, including the outside corners (the maximum score is 10 points);
  5. “General appearance” ‐ the appearance general Assembly (the maximum score is 10 points);
  6. “Stickies” ‐ the tabs should not be glued together, or eyelashes babies stuck to the extension. A stickie ‐ negative point. (The maximum score is 10 points, 0 Stickies ‐ 10 points, 3 stickies ‐ 7 points and etc);
  7. “Connections”: Extensions must be attached safely, without lift or scraping. Must not have tabs cross-reviews on the basis of the Group’s fans made for the category of volume (the maximum score is 10 points)
  1. “Cleaning at work” – must not be excess glue eyelashes, no points of union, nor traces of makeup on eyelids. (The maximum score is 10 points);
  2. “Length and thickness” ‐ the length and thickness of the extensions must be suitable for each model. (the maximum score is 5 points);
  3. “Distance to the eyelid” ‐ the distance up to eyelid must be the same for all extensions. (Distance recommended ‐ 0.5 mm, interior / exterior 0. 3 mm) (the maximum score is 5 points)
  4. “The general appearance of the range” ‐ for nominations for volume only. The spaces between the tabs of the eye must be uniform (the maximum score is 10 points
  5. “Internal zones” ‐ all tabs of the inside corner must be covered in an orderly fashion and regular (the maximum score is 5 points);
  6. “Outer zones” ‐ all tabs of the outside corners should be covered with an orderly and uniform (the maximum score of 5 points)



  1. The organizers of the Championship will offer all the competitors Adessa t-shirt, a table, a Chair, auxiliary furniture, a lamp/magnifying glasses, pillows, blanket… etc
  2. Participants must provide their own tools and work products.
  3. Competitors must bring a / 18-year-old model. The organizers of the Championship does not provide models. If you cannot bring your own model, please contact us at info@laboutiquedelabelleza.com . All competitors must arrive on time according to the schedule of the competition (45 min before the start of the competition).
  4. Competitors have 15 minutes before the competition to start the preparation: prepare the workspace, clean eyelashes of the model, apply eye patches.
  5. Competitors are not allowed to start the application of Eyelash extensions before the announcement of official home. If the organizers will notice that the participant begins to apply tabs before the first call, the organizers have the right to disqualify the competitor.
  6. During the Championship competitors must follow the rules and regulations. They can not leave the area of competition without permission, using mobile phones, speaking aloud during the competition. In case of any inconvenience should ask for help from the organizers / participants of the competition. Ask for help and consult with other participants, models or anyone else is not allowed.
  7. Within that starts the competition, the organizers / participants will review the eyes of the models to demonstrate the equality of conditions.
  8. Competitors must wear the official Jersey Adessa, which will be provided to you by the Organization, and your hair should be collected during the competition.
  9. When it comes to an end time, all competitors must stop work immediately, clean your work space and leave the competition area. When that is finished, the patches of the models must be removed.
  10. Competitors have to leave the competition area and unable to enter during the trial. Non-compliance will result in disqualification.
  11. Models must remain in the area of evaluation of the competition during the trial. You are not allowed to leave until your eyelashes have been examined by each of the judges.
  12. The judges will evaluate the final result. Copies of the evaluation sheets will be posted / available after awards. Photographs of the works of the contestants may be used by the organisers in future publications (post releases, articles and publications in the social media… etc).
  13. Prize of one thousand euros in Adessa product.
  14. The ceremony will take place 30 min after the competition.
  15. Detailed information about the winners will be published on the web site www.extensionesdepestañas.com and all of our social networks.

The participant represents and warrants that it is the sole holder of all rights of copyright on the photograph submitted to the contest.

The authors of the presented photographs transferred copyright to Adessa Eyelash Extension.

Participation in the competition involves implicit consent by the participant Adessa Eyelash Extension, distribute and publicly communicate presented photographic work.

Participation in this competition implies full acceptance of these rules.

Legal notice: as provided in law 34/2002 of services of the information society and electronic commerce, as well as in the organic law 15/1999 of December 13, of protection of Personal character data, we inform you that your email address figure in our automated, the object files only manage our agenda of contacts , and send you information on professional activi-ties promoted by the Boutique”beauty, S.L.” You can at any time exercise your right to ac-cess, rectify and, where appropriate, cancel their personal data by contacting at in-fo@laboutiquedelabelleza.com

Championship registration form


Through this form you can register at the First International Championship ADESSA, remember that you must register before 17 September 2017. Registration will be completed with the payment of 40 € (Income in the current account: ES59 0049 4658 20 2916038038, with concept: Name and surnames, and CHAMPIONSHIP ADESSA.) and sending 2 images of a single job from different angles:


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